Our Technology

Synthetic Biology

The power of Synthetic Biology allows us to program billions of unique antibody designs into the DNA of cultured human cells for single-cell testing. 

AI-guided cell picking

Precision Selection
We utilize AI-driven spatial and kinetic parameters to identify the ideal antibody from a vast array of options, streamlining our search process.
Unmatched Library Analysis
We explore antibody-expressing cell libraries and pinpoint trafficking and degradation designs with unparalleled precision.
Rapid Innovation
Our proprietary AI-powered predictions accelerate iteration cycles and enable efficient navigation of the extensive design space.

Machine learning
extends throughput.

Our unparalleled capabilities in exploring design spaces are built on a foundation of advanced computer vision for multiparametric searches, combined with machine learning-enabled navigation of the local fitness landscape, and informed by rare variant insights.

Partner With Us

Our scaffolds override subcellular trafficking patterns for a target and improve ADC delivery to the lysosome. Reach out to learn more.
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